The Ultimate Guide to Hosting a Great Event

You may be an excellent friend, colleague, and partner, but do you get cold feet when it comes to hosting an event? It’s not just you! Many people feel overwhelmed by the pressure to outperform themselves as event hosts.

They are plagued by the idea of the perfect event host who’s jovial enough to entertain guests, think on their feet and run the event with ease. The truth is, no host ever was this perfect.

To be a perfect event host, you need to learn to hide the chinks in your armor and move with the flow of the event.

The host is the first person to receive the complete itinerary for the event which makes it their responsibility to look for possible glitches, track down loopholes, and have plan Bs sketched out for last-minute anomalies.

A good host knows exactly how a pun, joke, or light banter would impact the audience. They think ahead of their audience and know how to communicate well with their guests.

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Here’s a guide to hosting a great event:

“Plans are nothing, planning is everything!”-Eisenhower

One can’t stress the fact enough: you can have a head full of plans, ideas and whatnot, but until it’s not out there on paper, it’s not happening. ALWAYS do some planning before hosting an event. Planning helps you think ahead and troubleshoot possible problems that might plague you later on.

Have A Shared Agenda for the Event

You’ll always have trouble entertaining people who feel left out or out of place; a thing we often experience when a friend of ours invites us to a gathering of people we don’t know. In contrast, people who know each other or share a common agenda are easier to entertain.


Confirmation Calls and Reminder Messages

Once you’ve planned the menu and the activities of the event, it’s now time to make some calls. Call your caterer, event planner, or house décor manager before the event. Sit with them and plan out every detail in advance. If you’re planning the event yourself, connect with budget-friendly party rental equipment services in your neighborhood.

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Don’t skip sending reminder messages a day or two before the event to have no last-minute put-offs.

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