Fun Birthday Ideas To Help You Celebrate Milestones

Milestone birthdays signify important life achievements worth celebrating. According to researchers, recognizing these milestones is motivational, as it provides the opportunity for gratitude and reflection. You should honor milestone birthdays by celebrating them in creative, unforgettable ways.

We want you to have an epic milestone birthday party, and so team Odewes Party Rental has curated this fool-proof guide with unique birthday themes, ideas, and tips to plan a wonderful milestone birthday.

Planning the Best Milestone Birthday Party

Before getting to the incredible ideas for your milestone birthday party, you’ve got to cover the basics first. Set the date, time, and venue, and then decide on a comprehensive guest list. Then choose a theme that’s close to your heart or maybe one that’s trendy. You could plan a fun-filled night or go for a sophisticated dining experience at a top restaurant. Considering the limitations imposed by the pandemic, we think you should host a cozy evening at your home or a safe venue with close loved ones.

Ask them to wear retro outfits or create a red-carpet-inspired dining experience. You can also choose a tropical theme party or a good old-fashioned costume party to revisit the college days. Choices are endless for theme parties, so find or create something you love with affordable party rentals. Here are some fun ideas to celebrate the milestone birthday memorably.

Karaoke and Arcade Night

After deciding the theme, start thinking about the kind of games, activities, and experiences you’d want to include in the party. Booking the local karaoke bar or arcade location to play retro games while enjoying your favorite snacks is an excellent idea. But amidst the pandemic, you might have to get a little more creative to double the fun while keeping everyone safe. If your setup is outdoor, under the gorgeous canopy tent, consider some fun outdoor games like obstacle courses, giant snakes and ladders, and limbo. For indoors, you can keep video and board games or hire a DJ to dance the night away to your favorite tracks.

Spa Day-In

Well, spas aren’t safe during pandemics, but who said you can’t pamper yourself and your tribe at home? Indulge in DIY masks or facials, at-home manicures and pedicures, massage trains, and more while enjoying a movie marathon with fresh popcorns.

DIY Wine Tasting

Everyone loves wine and learning a little something. You don’t need to go to a winery! Instead, get the wine tasting kit, along with other party essentials at home. It’s perfect for digging into the nuances of your favorite wine bottles during parties. Alternatively, ask friends to bring their favorite bottles to shake things up.

PictureTarot Reading

You’ve reached an important milestone. With the universe as a guide, hire tarot card readers to guide your group through individual or collective readings. Pay special attention to what the reading invites you to consider.

Dinner Party

If you’re not the one to make a big deal about birthdays, it’s okay, we get it. However, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate at all. Instead, throw a dinner party with a few of your closest loved ones. Just let experts at Odewes Party Rental know the time and the date, and we’ll handle the rest. From party linen rentals to throne chairs, tables, drapes, chairs, cake table rental, backdrop rental, dessert stand rental, popcorn machine, and cotton candy machine rental, we offer all kinds of rent accessories for events.

Reach out to us to learn more about the services we offer as NYC’s leading party equipment and supplies rental company.

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