How To Level Up The Look Of Your Wedding With The Perfect Linens

Weddings are all about the finishing touches—blooming florals, a scrumptious menu, and the perfect DJ that sets the tone for the evening. In fact, even the linens play a crucial role in the fine details of planning weddings.

If you’ve rented a canopy or tent from Odewes Party Rental, the next step is to plan how you’ll decorate what goes under it. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered for all the party essentials you’ll need to make this wedding magical.

However, this post is dedicated to the difference made by the choice of linens. Keep reading to explore ways to ensure the linens look nothing less than stunning throughout the wedding festivities.

The Secret Lies in the Linens

If you’ve already rented out throne chairs and regular chairs for the guests, and have also chosen a pleasant mix of square and round reception tables, the next step is to tie everything together with the right linens’ assortment.

Linens help bring cohesiveness to the overall theme as they bring your dream day up a notch. According to experts, linens are a crucial element for making a statement with intricate wedding details. This is because most of the guests spend most of their time on the tables.

So, what do linens include? From tablecloths to runners, napkins, and more, each piece of linen is essential for covering the chairs and tables properly. They help customize the wedding reception as per the theme and can be rented from party rental suppliers to make the event cost-effective.

However, make sure to have an exact count of the linens you’ll need for covering all the chairs and tables, including cocktail, gift, dessert, and wedding cake tables.

Plan Your Linens

Before deciding the color for each table and chair, consider the surroundings. For instance, plan how you’d want each centerpiece and flower decoration to look. Then, incorporate those colors creatively.

If your theme includes a lot of bright-colored decorations, choose a neutral color for the linens instead of picking yellow or pink tablecloths. Any expert would agree that linens are the canvas of the wedding reception area, allowing you to build a focal point to the tables or as elements that complement other decorations.

Get Creative with Color Patterns

Although white linens are quite versatile and chic, if you’re not a fan, choose a different color. You can consider mixing multiple linen colors. If your wedding festivities include more than just a reception, such as a formal dining hour or a cocktail hour, you can coordinate the colors accordingly. Make a big impression by staging subdominant and dominant colors at the reception and formal dinner while keeping it neutral at the cocktail hour.

Some people also prefer alternating tables with different colored runners to break the clutter or adding a splash of color with vibrant napkins. You can also highlight the special reception tables, such as the head table, cake table, and family tables, to distinguish them with added textures, unique patterns, and different colors. Check out our linen collection and experiment with how everything looks.


Add Dimension

Linen fabrics are available in a vast array of options, which means you don’t need to stick with just one. Mix and match different linen materials to add depth and oomph to each table. Choose between damask, satin, polyester, velvet, organza, lace, faux leather, sequins, and so on. They allow using exciting color combinations along with adding a textural element for a fun tactile experience for the guests.

Choose the Perfect Linen Rentals with Odewes

If you’re on the lookout for the perfect party essentials that help to create an event that represents your style and your wedding’s theme, let us help you! Odewes Party Rental offers a variety of options when it comes to party supplies and equipment rentals. These include tables, chairs, party linen rentals, drapes, backdrop rental, cake table rental, throne chairs, dessert stand rental, popcorn machine and cotton candy machine rental, and a range of rent accessories for events.

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